These rates give an indication about what you can expect. The budget may vary according to type of renovation and location.
 Prices include materials and workmanship, unless otherwise stated, and exclusive of IVA (tax).
New kitchen (10m2) from 6000€
 Kitchen furniture
 Worktop type 'Silestone'
 Stainless steel sink with faucet
 Electric oven
 Gas stove
 Decorative hood
(excluding adjustments installations or tiling)  


New bathroom (5m2) from 4000€
 Sink with faucet, mirror and lighting
 Custom tiled shower floor,
 Thermostatic shower and glass wall with sliding door
(excluding adjustments installations or tiling)  


Demolition and removal bathroom 5m2 (toilet, old Installations, tile) 1200€
Demolition and removal kitchen 10m2 (kitchen, old Installations, tiles) 1800€
Demolition and removal generally, walls, floors, renovation waste, etc. 200€/m3
Creating and closing slots for installations 18€/m
Brick walls, 7cm 50€/m2
Coating (cement) 20-25€/m2
Tiling (excluding tiles) 50-100€/m2
Plasterboard ceiling from 40€/m2
Plasterboard wall from 45€/m2

Installations gas-water-electricity    
Complete new electrical installation (house of 80m2)
 Electrical box with 6 main switches
 25 outlets
 15 light switches
 Telephone connection
 TV connection
Air conditioning till 20% discount on purchase of device  
Of plumbing and gas installations it is difficult to give a price. Each renovation requires different activities. There are also installations in all types and grades with very different prices.
Plastering walls (house 80m2, surface approx. 200m2)
Painting walls and ceiling (80m2 house, surface approx. 280m2)

Wood flooring from 60€/m2
Laminate flooring (AC3-AC4) from 45€/m2
Skirting from 12€/m
Sanding and lacquering wooden floor from 25€/m2
Wooden doors from 500€

Aluminum windows, balcony doors, etc. till 15% discount on purchase of equipment


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